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Product overview

The product possibilities are summarized in the table below.

All products are supplied starting from an MDF 2790x1240x18 mm, with the exception of Wild Pine (MDF 2500x1240x18 mm).

A veneered panel must always be equipped with a backing to achieve a decent stability. Nørdus is available as a single-sided or double-sided panel. It is strongly advised only to use single sided panels for applications where the backing is not visible (wall and ceiling). For all other usage double sided panels are recommended (furniture applications).

Top layerPanel
Core MDF 18 mm
FlexEdge banding
ReferenceThicknessDouble-sidedSingle-sided 26 mm46 mm
Spring larch#060,6 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mmN-ED26-01N-ED46-01
Spring larch#151,5 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mm
Autumn larch#060,6 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mmN-ED26-02N-ED46-02
Autumn larch#151,5 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mm
Winter larch#060,6 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mmN-ED26-03N-ED46-03
Winter larch#151,5 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mm
Clean spruce#060,6 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mmN-ED26-04N-ED46-04
Clean spruce#151,5 mm2790 x 1240 mm2750 x 1220 mm
Vivid spruce#060,6 mm2790 x 1240 mm3050 x 1240 mm
Honey pine#060,6 mm2790 x 1240 mm3050 x 1240 mmN-ED26-06N-ED46-06
Snow birch#060,6 mm2790 x 1240 mm3050 x 1240 mmN-ED26-07N-ED46-07
Wild pine#060,6 mm2500 x 1240 mm2500 x 1240 mmN-ED26-08N-ED46-08
Birch plywood cross sectionN-ED26-09N-ED46-09
  • Autumn & Winter Larch may occasional contain bright spots in the veneer.
  • Wild Pine may have some cracks in the veneer surface due to the tension in the wood.
  • Vivid Spruce may have occasionally cracks or open knots. These are never filled with wood filler.

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