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Nørdus flex

What is flex?

Flex is a jointed veneer sheet that is very easy to process. The veneer sheet is pressed on a paper substrate first after which the wood fibres are broken. This gives us a flexible sheet of veneer that can be processed both as a flat and curved surface.

Flexibility is the main feature of this product: it is perfectly suitable for covering curved surfaces, cutting into edge bands, covering door bodies, etc.

Top layer

A Nørdus flex top layer always consists of a 0.6 mm jointed sheet.


The backing consists of a paper substrate in a colour tint close to the colour of the chosen reference. The top layer and backing are glued with a formaldehyde-free glue.

Spring larch#06Larch / 0,6 mm / mixmatch / B1 2750 x 1220 mm
Autumn larch#06Larch lightly smoked / 0,6 mm / mixmatch / B1
Winter larch#06Larch heavily smoked / 0,6 mm / mixmatch / B1
Clean spruce#06Spruce / 0,6 mm / mixmatch / B1
Vivid spruce#06Spruce (knotty) / 0,6 mm / mixmatch / Plain 3050 x 1240 mm
Honey pine#06Carolina Pine / 0,6 mm / mixmatch / Plain
Snow birch#06Birch half rotary cut / 0,6 mm / mixmatch / Plain
Wild pine#06Pine rotary cut / 0,6 mm / Plain 2500 x 1240 mm


foto verpakking nordus flex

"Nørdus" flex is always packed in this packaging. That is why you should only trust the sheets which carry the Decospan marking at the side of the box. This is the only guarantee for Decospan quality!

For gluing the product, we strongly recommend to follow our instructions very closely. These can be found in every box.