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Edge banding

Edge banding

For each design, matching edge bands have been developed. This way, the edges of the Nørdus panels can be perfectly finished. In doing so, Nørdus offers a total solution allowing each project to lead to a successful end result.

All edge bands are constructed of veneer wood with a strengthened membrane, not pre-glued and packed in rolls of 50 running meters per roll. All edge bands are available in both 26 mm and 46 mm high. The Nørdus edge bands are not FSC® certified.

Apart from the edge bands in the matching wood types, we also offer the possibility to choose an edge band with the appearance of a transversally sawed birch multiplex. The fine layers that are typical for the construction of a multiplex panel match the Scandinavian interior style and give the project a pure, authentic look. Nevertheless, the stability and processability of an MDF-panel is preserved.